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Elephants and Humans: Save Both Lives!

Man and animals were created in an ecosystem where both are supposed to coexist with each other. However, due to our own selfish ways, a growing conflict between our species continue to disturb the natural order of things in this world. This is especially evident in the large expanse of East Africa. The Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem boasts over 1.6 million acres of wasteland, predominantly inhabited by elephants and humans. We were all designed to hunt for food for survival. For both good and bad, intentional and unintentional reasons, we eventually invaded each other’s space and caused alarming strife. Farmers VS Elephants VS Rangers of The Wild There are 3 kinds of struggle present in the elephant-human raided African wilderness. Elephants, one...

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The Effect of Plastic Straws on Sea Turtles

turtle breathing issues Have you ever pictured yourself in a position where, instead of colds that clog up your nose, a plastic straw is stuck in your nozzle and you have no way to remove it? How would it feel to be a turtle living in a sea full of plastic where every day is getting more and more harder to breathe? The plastic straws that we so love to use to drink our diet Coke are one of the most prevalent contaminants found in our oceans.  In fact, 8 million tons of plastic being thrown out in into the seas every year and WE are the main contributors to it. 8 MILLION TONS OF PLASTIC... That’s no joke at...

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