Man and animals were created in an ecosystem where both are supposed to coexist with each other. However, due to our own selfish ways, a growing conflict between our species continue to disturb the natural order of things in this world. This is especially evident in the large expanse of East Africa.

The Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem boasts over 1.6 million acres of wasteland, predominantly inhabited by elephants and humans. We were all designed to hunt for food for survival. For both good and bad, intentional and unintentional reasons, we eventually invaded each other’s space and caused alarming strife.

Farmers VS Elephants VS Rangers of The Wild

There are 3 kinds of struggle present in the elephant-human raided African wilderness. Elephants, one of the first inhabitants of the planet, continue to shape the lands in search of food and protection. In their hunt, they unknowingly come across humans, particularly farmers, who cultivate natural resources in order to provide food, protection, and future for their families. Then we have the wildlife Rangers who work day and night to moderate the elephant-human conflict and maintain peace and order.

In a recent article from Big Life, the foundation recounted the struggle of these 3 characters as they try to survive their everyday lives. Every afternoon, farmers and Rangers start to prepare for the darkness and the danger it brings for their land and families. Everyone knows what’s coming -- elephants barging in, eating their crops, destroying their properties, and causing harm to each other.

In the morning after the chaos, all parties emerge scathed. Farmers lost their crops, elephants are injured together with the men, and some are even killed. All in one night.

Because of human activities, the supply of resources of elephants has become limited. As they seek for food, they unknowingly destroy the farmstead of local communities. In the eyes of the farmers, they are nothing but wreckers of their crops and should be annihilated. For elephants, they are ruthless killers in quest of their ivory tusks (poaching has been rampant since 2008). The Rangers fall in between the conflict as they try to save these animals from extinction and keeping them away from disturbing humans. 

Fences Save The Day

In the efforts of breaking the disheartening cycle of human-elephant conflict, the Big Life Foundation, the first wildlife organization in Africa, came up with a daring solution. A 120-kilometer electric fence will serve as a boundary between humans and elephants that will prevent them from destroying each other. These fences were constructed in areas where there is a high concentration of crop-raiding herds.

The impact of the electric fences was remarkable, even with challenges in hitting the halfway mark of the whole perimeter. Landscape factors affected the sturdiness of the fences but overall, it reduced the interference of elephants on farmlands. The feedback from the local community was inspiring for the volunteers of the foundation as they considered the plan as a lifesaver.

End The Ongoing Saga

At present, the first phase was completed, reaching 74 km of electric fencing. The locations are well-maintained and ongoing researches are being done for improvements on the current plan. Farmers have also changed their attitude towards elephants and a growing 77% have expressed their positive opinions about coexisting with these mammals.

How You Can Help

In lieu of their mission, the Big Life Foundation continues to acquire Maasai rangers equipped with patrol vehicles, tracker dogs, and surveillance planes to protect nature and everything in it for the benefit of everyone. As they stand firm on seeing the world where humans, animals, and nature coexist, 24 Style supports the Big Life Foundation in their mighty vision.

Wildlife is as important as human life. Support the conservation of endangered species and the environment itself by buying our apparels. 24 Style donates a dollar of our earnings to the Big Life Foundation and similar organizations for every apparel purchased by our customers. Together, let us celebrate the coexistence of life and nature.